Singer/Songwriter/Musician john Arthur martinez has generously written and recorded a song specifically for Patriot Outdoors Adventures, and the military veterans and families of the United States of America.

The purpose of this song is to let veterans know that there is a network of people (including fellow veterans) that are here for them when they need a support network.  Patriot Outdoors Adventures is dedicated to “Helping Heroes Heal”.  We hope that you share this song and our message with others.

Music video Produced by Amy Lescoe-Hall – Agents of Alchemy
Concert video by John Dyer –  Graphic Design by Florence Edwards
Photos courtesy of: Shawn Lowry, Paul Marcus Photos, the Graham Family, the Lescoe family, the Beck family, the Stack family, the Spencer family, the Olson family, the Rossman family, the Welch family, the Hall family, and Agents of Alchemy

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