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Patriot Outdoors Adventures is raffling off an all expenses paid trip for an African Safari with Noorsveld Farms, in Karoo, South Africa.

There will be TWO tickets selected as winners by a random selection app.  These two hunters will travel with 4 additional hunters which will be selected from our group of disabled veterans.  You do not have to be a disabled veteran to purchase a raffle donation ticket or to go on the hunt if you win via the raffle.

We need to sell at least 100 tickets for a $100 donation each. This will cover the expenses to take 4 disabled vets and the two additional hunters. This is a great way to help our nation’s heroes and have a great opportunity for yourself as well.

Come on who doesn’t want an African Safari?

You will have one entry per $100 ticket — that is a steal.  There is no limit on how many tickets that you can purchase as a donation to Patriot Outdoors Adventures for this trip.

If we can get enough raffle tickets sold (we need at least $12k), then we are hoping to schedule the hunt for July.  Please help us make our goal, while taking a chance on winning a trip of a lifetime.

The package will include lodging and:

Airfare from a central point in the USA (airport TBD)
All in-country transportation

You will be able to harvest:

1 impala
1 blesbuck
1 black springbuck
1 cape springbuck
With other animals as priced by the guide


A passport

The ability to get yourself to the airport location that will be decided to fly out of as a group

The meat will need to stay in Africa and go to the tribe that owns the land that we will be hunting on.  However, you will be able to have your animals mounted in Africa for a reduced price.  So, plan financially for this if you so desire to bring one home.


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