THIS AUCTION IS FOR 1 HUNTING SLOT for a hunter to go hunt rams (out of 4 slots available for a ram hunt).

WHEN: will be up to the buyers as a group (4 hunters total) to work together to come up with a date that will work.  It just has to be this year and we must have 30 days notice (we will do our best to accommodate submitted dates).  All hunters will go on the same date.  So, coming up with a preferred date and an alternate date to offer us would be best.

WHERE: It is near Camp Wood, TEXAS.

INCLUDES:  Hunt, lodging, and food for 2 Nights and 3 Days.  Will NOT cover taxidermy or processing.

HOW: Each hunter will be partnered with a Military Veteran.  This is a hunt for rams that will place on the exotics record book.  Any method of harvest desired (rifle, bow, black powder).

RESERVE: $2,500. per hunter ($10,000. total with 4 hunters).  This item is considered a donation, and is as such tax deductible (consult your accountant for more details).

WHEN DOES THE AUCTION END:  We will be promoting and offering this auction at the “Sargent Tournament of Heroes” in Sargent, TX from June 22 – 24, 2017.  Online bids will end at 5pm on Saturday June 24, 2017.  Live Auction bids will begin after this time at the Sargent Tournament of Heroes LIVE AUCTION that evening and will pick up where the online auction bids ended.

JUST TO BE CLEAR…  IN ORDER FOR THE HUNT TO HAPPEN, WE NEED 4 TOTAL HUNTERS THAT ARE WILLING TO PAY A MINIMUM OF $2,500. EACH TO GO ON THE HUNT.  THIS IS WHAT IT COSTS FOR US TO PROVIDE THE HUNT.  THIS IS MEANT TO BE A FUNDRAISER AND PROVIDE AN OPPORTUNITY FOR A RARE HUNTING EXPERIENCE.  WE HAVE TO MEET AND EXCEED OUR COSTS IN ORDER TO BENEFIT FROM THIS AUCTION.  If all slots are not sold, and the $10,000. reserve price is not met, the hunters that won auctions will have the opportunity to increase their bids to cover the $10,000. minimum amount, in order for the hunt to happen…. i.e., fewer than 4 hunters can still go… they will just end up having to pay more than $2,500. minimum each.  If the $10,000. minimum bid is still not met and the Reserve price is not lifted, the hunt will not be able to happen, and no funds will be collected.  THIS IS ALL OR NOTHING.  GO BIG OR GO HOME.

Obviously, since this is a fundraiser for Patriot Outdoors Adventures, we would LOVE to have donations that are above and beyond the minimum amounts required.  This organization is dedicated to helping disabled Veterans and their families.  We are a Non Profit 501c3 organization that is dependent on the donations of individuals and businesses.  Any funds that are received are used for the benefit of disabled veterans.  We really appreciate your consideration and support for this auction item and any other donations that you may offer to Patriot Outdoors Adventures.

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